【Campaign】China to Malaysia Sea Shipping Big Parcel Promotion: New Rebate Program

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Let’s join our businessman packages to ship from China to Malaysia and save up to 50% shipping costs. Be our VIP and get more shipping rebate frequently! 

This campaign is especially ideal for businessman, wholesalers, factories and etc. Basically, we offers 3 exclusive packages:

✔SILVER package (accumulated 3-9M3 per month)
✔GOLD package (accumulated 10-19M3 per month)
✔PLATINUM package (accumulated 20M3 and above per month)


Mr Tan is a local businessman whom always import parcels from China to Malaysia and he choose GIMworld as his long-term courier partner. He submitted an order with a total parcel weight of 0.5M3 on 16 Aug and he made the payment so that his parcel can be shipped as usual. At 18 Aug, he submitted another parcel with total weight of 0.6M3, he also made the payment and the parcels shipped as usual. 

He keeps on arrange to ship more parcels until the next 30 days. At the cut-off date (15 Sept), he accumulated a total weight of 4.23M3 and every shipment is more than 0.3M3, so he is entitled with SILVER package price at RM395/M3 (the original price is RM425/M3). He will get the rebate to his GIMworld wallet after the cut-off date.

Note: The weight accumulation will be restart (back to zero) after every cut-off date.

【Sea Shipping Big Parcel Promotion】


1. Sign up form:

China (Guangzhou) to

China (Yiwu) to


2. Cut-off Date:

Basically, the cut-off date is at every 15th of the month, except for Dec 2020, the cut-off date will be on 31 Dec 2020.

  • Sep: 15 Aug – 15 Sept
  • Oct: 16 Sept – 15 Oct
  • Nov: 16 Oct – 15 Nov
  • Dec: 16 Nov -31 Dec

3. Promotion Duration:

  • This promotion is valid from 15 Aug 2020 (Saturday), 9AM to 31 December 2020 (Thursday), 11.59PM.

4. Terms and Conditions:

  • This promotion is eligible from China (Guangzhou) sea shipping big parcel to West and East Malaysia. (different locations are subjected to different charges)
  • For parcel accumulation basis, each entry point minimum start from 0.3M3/order.
  • This promotion is eligible counted by payment made only.
    This promotion package you selected can be changed from silver to platinum and vice versa.
  • For those who eligible to enjoy the membership package, their parcels will be take charge with prioritised.
  • GIMworld.com will cash back to your GIMworld wallet after the cut off period (every 15th of the month except for December 2020, the cut-off date will be on 31 Dec 2020)
  • GIMworld.com reserves the right /to amend the terms and conditions or discontinue the campaign at its sole discretion without any prior notice.

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