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5 Reasons to Ship with GIMworld during 11.11 sales

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The Double 11 festival is almost here! Are you wondering which courier service to use? With such a large variety of shipping services and brands to choose from, you may have a hard time deciding one who can offer you the most benefits and the best experience. Here are 5 reasons why you should ship with GIMworld, especially during the upcoming 11.11 sales – and stick with us.

1. Safe Delivery

Can’t find your parcels? Don’t worry – we got you covered. The probability of getting the package or parcel damaged or lost is low when you ship with GIMworld. Customers do not have to worry about losing the package or receive a damage parcel as our courier services use a tracking system to locate a parcel and ensure the shipment reaches to the destination safely.

Additionally, we have a money back guarantee for defected items (while complying to terms and conditions) as well as additional services such as adding wooden frames and plastic wraps to ensure that your parcel is delivered safely.

2. Responsive Customer Service

Our exceptional couriers provide professional, friendly and reliable service with a quick response rate. One of the most common issues that our clients encountered are issues with customs as well as parcel calculations. Our staff are equipped and prepared to give accurate answers to those types of questions so you can ship your parcels with confidence and no worries.

Consultation is also free for those who have worries or doubts or any inquiries about your shipment. So feel free to call anytime at 016-291 5255 when you need help, or choose to chat online on www.gimworld.com before arranging your shipment.

3. Time-Saving GIMworld Interface

Do you find some websites hard to navigate with unclear instructions? With the user friendly – and free – online tools, you can arrange your shipments, track their progress in real-time or choose to get every parcel details for size and weight information all in one setting.

The GIMworld website makes finding for parcel information in the most convenient ad effective method. Get things done with just one click and save more time for other tasks, like browsing for more half priced items during the Double 11 Sales!

4. Cost Saving

During the Double 11 Sale, there is bound to be many purchases as everything is on sale – but how do you deliver all of them? We provide free packaging for boxes and standard plastic bags which are consolidated into combined parcels.

You can save more space and money by referring to the parcel details for size and weight information which are readily available on your GIMworld Account.

Additionally, we now have an Air and Sea shipping small parcel promotion for the upcoming 11.11 Sales! Ship your small parcels for as low as RM3.90 per kg and RM15 per kg for sea shipping small parcel and air shipping respectively! Thus, the more you ship, the more you save!

5.Customs Clearance Handling

Worried that your parcels might get stuck at Customs during the Double 11 Sales? Worry no more! GIMworld is trained in tracking down late parcels and ensuring that they pass through Customs checkpoints smoothly.

It is assuring that with the handy customs clearance handling service, your parcels can arrive quickly and safely all the way to your doorstep. Besides, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting surprised by a box of presents when you open the door.

That’s it! Those are 5 reasons why you should ship with GIMworld.

GIMworld is now having a China Sea Shipping promotion for all the businessmen, online sellers and suppliers out there who are interested in shipping big parcels at low prices!

Ship your parcels from China to Malaysia for as low as RM3.90 per kg for sea shipping small parcels, RM15/kg for air shipping and RM 370 per m3 for sea shipping big parcels.

Interested in shipping with GIMworld? Join us now!

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