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The best home gifts to buy from China during 12.12 Taobao, 1688, Pinduoduo Mega Sales

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Best known for its affordable prices and large variety of creative products, Taobao and 1688, Pinduoduo which buy from China is three of the hottest places online internationally to grab beautiful furniture, accessories, clothing (and even smart accessories – if you know where to look) from and you can nab yourself even more deals this upcoming 12.12 Mega Sales Festival!

To help you filter and sort through all the deals going on (because it can get pretty overwhelming), here’s a compiled list of 6 amazing household essentials that will give your home the update of your dreams, just in time for Christmas and New year!

If that’s not enough, read until the end to unravel some of the best secret tips on how to save MORE when you buy from Taobao, 1688, Pinduoduo China and ship it back to Malaysia.

Let’s start!

1. Portable Juice Blender

This small but powerful blender answers your blending needs not only at home, but also outside because CMCO is FINALLY over! Mix slices of fruits, milk and ice and voila! – You got yourself a mini milkshake on the go.

2. Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If you love singing in the shower, this is the perfect gadget for you! This multi-function mini waterproof speaker can be used in the shower thanks to the suction cup at the bottom that allows you to stick the speaker wherever you want.

3. GUCHY Handheld Stick Vacuum

Let’s be honest, spring cleaning is a daunting task even for those that LOVE cleaning their homes. If you’re the type to put off cleaning until you absolutely have to, this might be the perfect 1688 electronic device for you.

4. 2-in-1 Smoke-free BBQ Grill & Steamboat

Who doesn’t love some grilled juicy meat served with a hot bowl of delicious stew. This multipurpose grill is a must have item for family gatherings, perfect for any festive celebrations, like the Christmas and New Year celebration coming soon.

5. Folding Dining Table and Buffet

Ever had too many guests coming over for Christmas and Chinese New Year and there’s never enough seats? This sleek retractable dining table allows you to keep extra chairs in its hidden compartment AND reuse it as a tiny table for decor whenever it’s not in use.

6. Mini HD Projector

What’s small, light, bright, with 1080 resolution? Enjoy watching a movie with your friends and family and immerse yourself with the action, emotion, and thrill on a larger scale with this mini projector.

🎉 Double 12 Buy from China Promotions 🎉

1. [7 to 9 December] Plus purchase + grab red envelopes every day!

✅ From 10AM and 4PM, go to Taobao online daily to grab red envelopes up to ¥555 (available for over ¥1212)! One person can only receive it once per day!

2. 10 December, from 0:00AM to 12 December

✅ Tmall cross-store full discount: every ¥300 purchased discount ¥40

✅ Taobao cross-store full discount: every ¥200 purchased discount ¥25

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