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Available from June 9th – August 9th 2020.

Why Us?

There are many reasons to choose us...

Delivery Warranty

If your parcel is lost, we offer: Money Back Guarantee

Combined Parcels

FREE packaging for boxes and standard plastic bags.

Tracking System

Track your parcel status.

Parcel Details

We provide every parcel details like size and weight information to fully utilize your space and save more money.

Warehouse Storage

FREE warehouse storage for up to 30 days at our China Warehouse.

Custom Clearance

Ensuring your parcel reached through custom checkpoints to your doorstep.

Shipping Details

West Malaysia

Ship your small parcel as low as
RM 5.00/kg

Ship your big parcel as low as
RM 425/m³

*The promotion is available for a Limited-Time only.

China (Guangzhou)
West Malaysia
*Ship now from China to West Malaysia.

East Malaysia

Big Parcel (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
as low as RM 430/m³

Big Parcel (Kuching, Sarawak)
as low as RM 450/m³

*The promotion is available for a Limited-Time only.

China (Guangzhou)
East Malaysia
*Ship now from China to East Malaysia.

Small Parcel.

Big Parcel.

Which is Which?

Small Parcel

You can choose to ship items like shoes, apparels, electronic accessories and more.

Small parcel gives you many advantages.
Click below, check it out.

Big Parcel

Have an oversized parcel?
You can ship items like furnitures, TV Consoles, kitchenware and more.

Big parcel lets you ship items that are bigger in size. Click to view for more benefits.

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Let's Begin.

Choose My Parcel.

Choosing the right parcel is easier than you think.

Small Parcel

This is the right package for you if your parcel is:
  • Less than 30 kg.
  • Combined parcel size is less than
    0.1 cbm (m³).

Big Parcel

Is your parcel heavy? Then, this is the right choice for you.
Choose this if your parcel is:
  • More than 30 kg.
  • Combined parcel size is exceeding
    0.3 cbm (m³).


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1. Free Consultation. 2. Delivery Warranty. 3. No Hidden Charges. 4. No Processing Fee. 5. No Service Charges.

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