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How to Buy from Thailand Website?

How to Send Parcels to GIMworld's Thailand Warehouse?

Example 1: LAZADA, Thailand

Thailand Land Shipping – Big Parcel

Thailand(Bangkok) - West Malaysia Normal Goods

Thailand(Bangkok)-West Malaysia Sensitive Goods

Thailand Sea Shipping – Big Parcel

Thailand Big Parcel to (Sabah)-Kota Kinabalu Normal Goods

Thailand Big Parcel to (Sabah)-Kota Kinabalu Sensitive Goods

Thailand Land Shipping – Small Parcel

Thailand- West Malaysia (small parcel) Normal & Sensitive Goods

How to Calculate Shipping Fees?

Shipping Method Small Parcel
Minimum Charges Actual weight or volumetric, whichever is higher.
*Example Actual Weight 10kg
Volumetric Weight:
(Length X Width X Height)cm
Shipping Fees Refer to pricing table, West Malaysia
First 2kg= RM20, Subsequent RM4.50/kg
Shipping Fees: RM20 + (8KG X RM4.50) = RM 56
Shipping Method Big Parcel
Minimum Charges Measure by m3
*Example Actual Weight 50kg
Volumetric Weight:
(Length X Width X Height)cm
(120 x 65 x 88) cm / 1,000,000
=0.69m3 = 0.7m3 (Round up)
Shipping Fees Refer to Pricing table, West Malaysia price
First 0.3m3=RM145, Subsequent 0.1m3= RM45
Shipping Fees: RM145 + (0.4m3 x RM45)=RM163


Calculation Method
  1. Small parcel = Actual weight or volumetric, whichever is higher.
  2. Big Parcel = measure by m3. 1m3 can contain 300kg items, if weight exceeded, overweight will be charged.
    Overweight Calculation Method: actual weight/300= m3 final charge.
    Example: 1m3= 440kg, exceeded weight, use 440/300= 1.47m3 charged.
Exceeded Weight ETA will be delayed subject to the weather’s factors,
customs clearance process turnaround time, outskirt area.
ETA ETA sometime will be affected by the custom clearance process and outskirt area (1-2 days).
Parcel Insurance Suggest to buy parcel insurance protection for those valuable things.
Contact customer service for insurance inquiry:
Add WeChat: GIMworld, 016-4800770

Why Us?

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery.

7-10 days West Malaysia,
East Malaysia (30+ working days) after departure date.

Ringgit Malaysia

Shipping fees in MYR,
no exchange rate involved.

Parcel Consolidation - Packed Parcels

Consolidate parcels from different sellers.

Pay on Behalf Service

Pay on Behalf Service.

Parcel Status & Tracking

Parcel Tracking System.

Parcel Information

Parcel Information.

Provide size & weight of parcel details, easier to arrange combine parcels to save more.

Free Consultation for Parcels Inquiry

FREE Shipping consultation service.

Customs Checkpoint Boxes

Customs Clearance Service.

No Hidden Charges

No processing fees, no service charges.

Parcel Protection - Boxes

With add on Additional parcel protection service, (wooden rack, fragile sticker, boxes) upon request.

Delivery Guides

  1. Before purchasing with sellers, you will need to register at GIMworld website and get a marking name and warehouse address and give to sellers this information.
  2. After purchasing your items, when seller starts sending parcels, go to [Arrange Shipment] to fill in parcels details at GIMworld website.
  3. Go to [Delivery Order] to complete the parcel details and submit for consolidation.
  4. After 4 hours, go to [Delivery Order] check the shipping fees and make payment.
  5. It is expected that goods will be received within 7-10 working days (West Malaysia) and 30++ working days (East Malaysia) after the departure date.
  6. Track parcels delivery status at [Delivery Order] > [Order Tracking].

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