10 common shipping mistakes and solutions that you should take note

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Being aware of every detail in the shipping process is a must for all people. However, that does not always happen. Knowing and avoiding these mistakes can save cost and time effectively. Below are the 10 common shipping mistakes always made by our customers and we provide along with the solutions to avoid the mistakes:

1. Please read the instruction and FAQ properly

✔ DO: The Help Center at the top-right corner of Gimworld website is to assist anyone of you to understand all the FAQ clearly. Please read it properly before make any decision.

✘ DON’T: Some customers do not read the FAQ and instruction properly while blame us not state it clearly. However, we always encourage our shippers to read all the questions including the terms and condition before using our service, all the terms and condition are transparent and shown on the website

2. Always check with us for unclear question

✔ DO:
We provide free consultation service as well, please feel free to ask for any unclear questions before arrange shipment. (Facebook Messenger)

✘ DON’T: If you are not sure for somethings and directly make a wrong decision, it could bring a lot of unnecessary troubles to us and others. For example, one of our previous customers not sure whether their products is normal goods or sensitive goods while they categories all of it as normal items, it might lead to a serious consequence such as the whole container confiscated by customs and brings trouble to others.

3. Key in correct shipping address and contact number

✔ DO: You must be very clear and confirm all the information properly especially
shipping address and contact number before start to arrange the shipment.

✘ DON’T: Some customers will key in a wrong address or change the shipping address at the last minutes especially when the parcel has been arrived to the warehouse. It will be end up at the wrong address, shipment delay and even need a rerouting fees, we will charge a RM3 to those whom change address suddenly since it causes the logistic department extra workload to follow up and need to contact different department to make the changes. Please don’t complaint as it is a hidden charges, we have stated it at our help center as well.

4. Select correct delivery method

✔ DO: Please make sure that you know how to categories and select to the correct shipping method. Please consult us if you are not sure.

✘ DON’T: There is important to know how to classify parcel and select the correct delivery method. For example, please don’t ship a small parcel by selecting a big parcel delivery option and vice versa. A wrong selection will be causing unexpected serious consequences such as shipping delay, extra costs and even parcel confiscated by customs.

Parcel within 30kg consider as small parcel while more than 30kg consider as big parcel. The difference between sea shipping and air shipping is impact to the delivery time and spending cost depends on your need.

5. Separate sensitive goods during parcel consolidation

✔ DO: Please separate your parcel when you try to deliver normal goods and sensitive goods. Don’t mix up! If you not sure your items are normal goods or sensitive goods (
FAQ 2.34), please consult us and send along with the product photo for confirmation. 

✘ DON’T: If you combine parcel with normal goods and sensitive goods, shipping rate will be calculating as sensitive goods price. It will definitely increase your shipping fee at the end or even the parcel could be confiscated by customs. 

6. Get tracking number from overseas seller

✔ DO:
 When your oversea seller send parcel to our warehouse, please get your tracking number from the seller and update to your Gimworld account. If your seller use own transportation deliver to the warehouse and you do not have tracking number, you can replace the tracking number with your invoice number. Please don’t leave down there without any information.

✘ DON’T: Sometimes our customers will ship the parcel to our oversea warehouse by themselves without using any courier service. In that case, they won’t have any tracking number, they leave down to our warehouse without given any record on the parcel, then how do our workers track your parcel? Please don’t do that.

7. Spare some additional weight / size when wrapping boxes

✔ DO:
To utilize all the space and save more money, please leave a gap when combine parcel but it need to depends on its size and shape.

✘ DON’T: Our customers often order various kind of parcel come with different sizes and shape. They will request to combine parcel to ship it once together after all of the parcels reached to the warehouse. The final measurement might be slightly increase due to courier men will use another box to consolidate it. At the end, it will cause the shipping fee increase. 

8. Top up wallet via ATM / cash must attach receipt

✔ DO:
Please make sure you fill in exact amount and upload the receipt when top up money via bank transfer or cash.

✘ DON’T: When you top up money via bank transfer or cash on Gimworld website, there is necessary to fill in your paid amount and attach with a valid bank receipt for proven. There is an option for uploading receipt on the bottom of the page, while some customers do not provide the relevant information and complaint that system do not update after they made payment.

9. Delivery address to high-rise building (condominium)

✔ DO:
Please note that lorry driver only deliver parcel to ground floor, guard house or lobby due to condominium rule restriction. Please stand by your own helper to move your big parcel. You can also discuss with the lorry driver for the help but it strictly with the driver mutual agreement on extra service charges offered by you.

✘ DON’T: Some customers have high expectation to the term of “door-to-door” service. Well, they will argue with us or lorry driver for this kind of things without any understanding. Actually we do stated it on our FAQ as well. Most of the shipping service also provide the same services due to restriction.  

10. Addition charges for outskirt areas

✔ DO: Please get ready and understand that if your place is not located at the city, on the other hand, located at outskirt area, it will be involve with extra charges. The additional fees depend on each case.

✘ DON’T: Some customers thought that all the places in the same state will be involve in the same price. They keep on request for a discount or complaint us charged an extra hidden fee while actually we do not earn from that. In common sense, the cost is different to ship an item to outskirts or less populated areas will result in extra fees. For example, the cost to ship to highland areas (Cameron, Genting, Bukit Fraser etc.), island areas (Langkawi, Pulau Tioman etc.) will be increase. Please understand. 

Do the right things and avoid the mistakes can make all the things go with the flow easily. We do hope anyone of you will have a happy shipping experience with us. Good luck!